Work Experience

Sessional Lab Instructor , Operating System and Systems Programming, University of Waterloo
Sept 2017-Dec 2017

• Managing, training, and supervising the lab Teaching Assistants with lab equipment, procedures, lab report, marking, and safety concerns in the lab
• Performing lab tutorials; demonstrating the use of lab equipment and software packages.
• Supervise lab sessions.

System Safety Consultant, Peloton-tech, Mountain View, California.
May 2017-Sept.2017

Functional Safety at Peloton-tech in Truck Platooning System (On-site and off-site work)
• Performed ISO-26262 gap analysis in the truck platooning system on HW/SW requirement.
• Suggested the required changes in design, verification, and validation complying to ISO-26262 and MISRA-C.
• Performed Verification and Validation; derived test cases in compliance with automotive functional safety.

Embedded Software Developer-Intern, Magna Electronics, Toronto.
May 2016-August 2016

• Implemented Robust Line Detection using modified Hough Transform. Improved line detection time by significantly.
• Ported VS-13’ LPSD app. to Linux (Peta Linux in Zynq board), complying to Automotive Functional Safety(ISO-26262) and MISRA C. Recompiled Linux kernel to add Target Communication Framework support.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Waterloo
Operating System (SE-350 and ECE 254), Programming for Performance (ECE459).
Jan 2016-August 2017

• Designed a simple operating system (OS) which provides a basic multiprogramming environment, with five priority levels, preemption, simple memory management, message-based interprocess communication, a basic timing service, system console I/O and debugging support.
• Evaluated quizzes, exams and lab project (RTX project in LPC 1760)
• Delivered in-class tutorials for lab project.

Graduate Research Student, at University of Waterloo - Real-time Laboratory, UoWaterloo, CA, Sept 2015-Dec 2017

• Specification-Based Bug Detection for Embedded Software (Fall 2015-Spring 2016)
• Non-Intrusive Program Tracing through Power Consumption; Run-time Monitoring and Anomaly Detection of Co-operative OS in Embedded Devices. (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)
• Envelope Processing for Online Classification of High-Frequency Traces (Fall 2017)

Undergraduate Research Student at Center for Small Satellite Research - Command & Data Handling for Project STUDSAT-2, Bangalore, India, August 2014- May 2015.

•Implemented Real Time operating system using FreeRTOS with sixty four uniquely identified Task for the proper operation of the satellite right from the ejection; which also helped in proper development of operational flow of the Project.
• Performed RTOS Evaluation; RAM overhead equations with kernel object & configuration, CPU processing Overhead test(overhead for a tick, for a periodic task, and to trigger a task from an ISR), and Total RTOS CPU Overhead Analysis.
• Developed Mission sequence for Project STUDSAT-2 right from ejection from PSLV till the end of life time of the satellite, meeting all the space constraints and specification of the project.
• Closely involved in HW/SW Integration of the overall project.
• Co-operated with Communication team to design the link budget for UHF and VHF range.

Summer Research Fellowship Program-2014, at Indian Institute of Science - Antenna Designing & Modelling for Aircraft, Bangalore, India, May 2014- July 2014.

• Designed, simulated and tested four wideband antennas (Vivaldi, Sinuous, Microstrip, Multi-arm Spiral Microstrip) for an aircraft application.
• The wideband multi arm spiral mode microstrip antenna has been shown to operate as a conformal, multifunctional antenna with multiple beams covering the entire hemisphere; also proven to be used for an application such as angle of arrival estimation and adaptive nulling at the element level.